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Evaluation Services

If you or your child is struggling in school or work or you have concerns regarding your or your child’s ability to focus, maintain attention, and/or ability to learn, a neuropsychological evaluation may be helpful in determining the cause of these issues and how to accommodate them. 

As neuropsychologists, we specialize in neurodevelopmental disorders including dyslexia, AD/HD, developmental delays, processing disorders, etc. We also help children and adults obtain accommodations, such as extended time, within the learning environment and on “high stakes” testing.

Each psychological assessment is tailored to your specific needs and questions. Following testing, you will be provided with a thorough and comprehensive report that typically includes an understanding of your or your child’s strengths and weaknesses as well as recommendations for you and the referral source (e.g., school, pediatrician, etc.).

what's dyslexia

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