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Executive Functioning 

Our Focus

  • Building relationships with students by creating a safe environment and through positive reinforcement

  • Fostering understanding of student's strengths in order to increase self-confidence and self-motivation

  • Modeling organization skills and encouraging establishment of a system or routine for homework, test prep, and project completion

  • Helping students to develop planning and organization strategies for homework, short and long term projects and test prep

  • Teaching effective time management skills and study strategies for greatly reducing homework time

  • Identifying strategies to manage distractions and improve focus, concentration and sustained attention

  • De-emphasizing students' limitations and teaching coping mechanisms

  • Expanding student self-advocacy and encouraging independence

  • Developing reading comprehension strategies across all academic subjects

  • Developing strategies for problem solving

  • Teaching metacognitive approaches (thinking about thinking) including self-monitoring and mindful reflection on outcomes

  • Encouraging active studying strategies to improve retention

  • Using apps and other tools to support students with improving retention and recall of information

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