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Irene Kiefer, B.B.A.

Irene serves as the Murray Center's Head Tutor. Irene earned her Business Degree from the University of Michigan, and worked in Automotive Marketing and Advertising for over twenty years. Irene always had a passion for education and wanted to work with children in a capacity that would be meaningful, purposeful and rewarding. She received her Montessori Certificate in 2008 and has enjoyed teaching ever since. As a Montessori Preschool Teacher, she taught 3-6 year olds in all subjects, but she especially loved teaching letter sounds, reading and handwriting. She had a student who struggled to learn letter sounds and therefore wasn’t able to read. Irene did some research, and came across the Orton-Gillingham method of learning. She did the training and became certified in 2019. She has been tutoring ever since and has been at Murray Center for nearly three years. She enjoys fostering trusting relationships with her students, building their confidence and celebrating their progress and achievements.

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