Evaluation Services

As neuropsychologists, we specialize in neurodevelopmental disorders including dyslexia, AD/HD, developmental delays, processing disorders, etc. We also help children and adults obtain accommodations, such as extended time, within the learning environment and on “high stakes” testing.

Each psychological assessment is tailored to your specific needs and questions. Following testing, you will be provided with a thorough and comprehensive report that typically includes an understanding of your or your child’s strengths and weaknesses as well as recommendations for you and the referral source (e.g., school, pediatrician, etc.).

Psychological Evaluations for concerns such as:

Evaluations typically include:

Initial Clinical Interview

This is a 60-90 minute session which includes a detailed review of your or your child’s medical, educational, vocational, and psychological history. Your questions and concerns will be addressed during this session.

Testing Sessions

This may occur in one or more session and can include IQ testing, academic testing, personality testing, adaptive functioning testing, and social functioning testing. You and/or your child may be asked to complete questionnaires as well.

Feedback Session

During this session you will receive the results of the individual tests conducted as well as a comprehensive overview of your or your child’s profile (including strengths and weaknesses) and appropriate recommendations. With your permission, we may collaborate with other professionals such as school personnel or prescribing physicians to discuss the results of testing for appropriate interventions and treatment to occur following testing.

Advocacy Services

The evaluation process includes a summary report with diagnostic and treatment recommendations. We consult with school professionals and advocates for services to address the specific needs of each child/individual. We also advocate for clients with diagnosed neurodevelopmental disabilities with regard to “high stakes testing,” including the ACT, SAT, LSAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, and MCAT.

Testing can occur within one day, if this is desired, including the clinical interview and feedback. During the initial phone consultation, you can discuss if this is a reasonable plan given the referral question and your or your child’s ability to work continuously over a sustained period of time.